Trinity E. C. Monthly Newsletter Puzzles
               Puzzle Set #90
     "To give subtlety to the simple; to the young men knowledge and discretion."

                                                                                                                                                                            Proverbs 1: 4

                                                         The Checker Challenge

There are nine checkers on the checkerboard below. The object is to move all nine checkers from the lower left corner

to the upper right corner. You can only move one checker at a time. If you move them one space at a time, it would take

you 45 moves to accomplish the task. However, you may jump over pieces. Do not remove the jumped over pieces. The

checkerboard is numbered: rows are A to H and columns are 1 to 8. If you can accomplish the task in 15 or fewer moves,

email me your moves. A prize will be given to the first person to do this. Good luck!



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