Welcome to the Web Page of the Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church of Manheim!

The Trinity E.C. Church exists for the glory of God and the benefit of people. Our central purposes include:

       1. To provide for the spiritual growth and nuture of the members, their families, and others in our community.

       2. To bring new people to accepting Jesus Christ as Savior through preaching, teaching, and witnessing, beginning in our community and  extending worldwide through mission outreach.

    3. To worship and praise together.

    4. To provide opportunities for Christian fellowship.

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email address:  threeinone@dejazzd.com

Worship Services:

Sunday School ......................9:20am

Worship Service..................10:25am

Youth Groups ..............Wed. 6:30pm

             (September to April)

Trinity E.C. Church

48 Market Square

Manheim, PA  17545


Church Secretary: Loren Gochnauer

email: threeinonelmg@windstream.net

MTWTh from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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